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Nel Simon PortretNarcisio (Nel) Simon was born on October 12, 1938 in Willemstad, Curaçao, Dutch Antilles. He studied in Curaçao at the Ceramic Studio Sufficant and at the University of Burlington in Vermont, U.S.A. His studio is located at the Tweede Atjehstraat 26, 1094 LG Amsterdam, phone +31 6 4395 4335 and +31 20 463 3806. Since 2009 Nel exhibits his work in his sculpture garden/studio in Amsterdam. 

The sculptures by Narcisio (Nel) Simon excell by their elegance and originality. They refer to his personal roots in « Mama Africa » and they surprise by their humor and unexpected accentuations. They express his compassion with the history and the liberation of oppressed people of the African continent and further afield. 

Special assignments

1999 Design and production of the Bronze sculpture 'Mama Africa' the center piece in the courtyard of the Museum Kura Hulanda on Curacao.

1996 - 1998 Design and production of the Bronze 'Desenkadena' the National Monument of Curacao to commemorate the 1795 slave rebellion led by Tula. Erected at the Rif in Willemstad.
'Desenkadena' is Papiamentu for 'Cut the shackles'.


1992 Cola Debrot prize for fine arts op de Nederlandse Antillen


2007 Jisp-Noord-Holland, Kunstroute 

2006 Royal Gallery –Amsterdam, Group exhibition 

2005 One-man exhibition “The Four Elements” 

Cola Debrotzaal-Cabinet of the Minister-Nederlands Antillen,Den Haag 

1993 Galerie Bianca in het Klooster, Wassenaar, Nederland 

1993 Gallery Bunders, Sint Oedenrode, Nederland 

1990 Landhuis Kenepa, Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen 

1990 Las Palmas, Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen 

1991 Het Oude Slot Heemstede, Nederland 

1988 -1989 Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, Nederland 

1989 Gallery '86, Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen 

1988 Curaçaosch Museum, Curacao, Nederlandse Antillen 

1984 Landhuis Brievengat, Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen 

1982 Koninklijke Akademie Voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen, België 

1982 Cultureel Centrum, Zandvoort, Nederland 

1981 Rijswijk Museum, Den Haag, Nederland 

1981 Brikki Oave, Brunssem, Nederland 

1979 Curaçaosch Museum , Willemstad, Curacao Nederlandse Antillen 

1975 Sociedat Bolivariano, Willemstad, Curaçao 

Casa del Teatro, Santo Domingo, Dominicaanse Republiek 

Centro Pro Arte, Willemstad, Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen 

1974 Burlington University, Vermont, USA 

1975 – 1979 Ontwerp en bouw van een keramiek oven; hoogte x breedte 1.70 x 1.65 m; temperatuur : 1350°C. 

Aanleggen van een beeldentuin in Stenen Koraal, Curaçao 


Culturele Mozaïek van de Nederlandse Antillen, 1985,Walburg Pers. 

Bida I Kolo, Beeldende Kunst Uit de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba,1989, uitg. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. 

Gala Di Arte, an exhibition of works by Antillean and Aruban artists,1991, uitg. van Maduro & Curiel's bank,Curaçao Nederlandse Antillen. 

Facing Up To The Past, 2001 ed. Gert Oostindie, uitg. Ian Randle Publishers & Prins Claus Fund Library.